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First Aid in Remote Areas

When you work alone or in a small team whilst in a remote location, your approach to first aid needs to acknowledge the additional lead time between when an accident happens and when help can arrive. Your actions can help buy critical time for yourself, your workmate/s or your family.


First Aid in Remote Areas +Plus+ Stop the Bleed®


This course teaches self and partner management of critical bleeds, fractures and sprains.  It introduces you to different equipment and techniques for extraction and provides a sound basis for emergency planning for individualised circumstances.


A powerful addition to your ‘regular’ first aid course, or as a stand-alone course, this is designed for industry professionals such as DOC workers, the logging and forestry industry, farmers and agriculturalists, pest controllers, hunters and trampers. 


As with the entire PracMed NZ training suite, the courses are engaging, highly practical and hands-on.  Students receive brand new, in packet gauze and bandaging to give the most comprehensive haemorrhage control training available in NZ.  The blueprint for managing different bleeds is provided, with everything from protecting yourself with gloves, to opening the packets, to using the state of the art wet and dry trainers. This is the most realistic training on the market


Our Trainers have been hand picked because of their extensive experience with the challenges of working remotely, away from assistance.  Their proven application of REAL first aid sets them apart and when combined with their charisma and natural teaching abilities, sets them apart and enables them to create a truly positive educational experience. 




NZQA Unit Standards

There are no NZQA accredited unit standards for this course.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


There are many practical components to this course.  If you have injuries or medical conditions that may affect your ability to participate, please contact us to discuss your options.

We do not issue refunds for our courses, please ensure you read our full Terms and Conditions.

Other Course Delivery Options

Part of this course is also available as a stand-alone course. The PracMed NZ Stop the Bleed® is available in a 4.5 hour standalone unit.

These units are also available on the Remote Workers First Aid Plus course. It runs for 20 hours (2.5 days - 8 + 8 + 4 hours).

On-Site: Contact us if you’d like to enquire about running this course on site, either as a full in-person course or a blended delivery - travel costs may be incurred. Discounts apply for courses booked for 15 participants.

Unsure of which course is the best fit for you? Contact our friendly team and we can help.

Site Requirements

To run this as a on-site private course, we require a training space with adequate room for practical activities.  At any stage, half of the group will be working on partners lying on the ground - we need ample space for them to work safely. As it is quite practical, the room needs to be well ventilated. 

We'll need two tables, enough chairs for the participants and space for the projector to display. We're happy to use your AV set up if you have one.

Student Numbers

Min: 10

Max: 15

Course outcomes

PracMed NZ Stop the Bleed®

NZ's Original Haemorrhage Control Course 

Certification Text

PracMed NZ Certificate

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