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Level 1 First Aid Plus

This action packed one day course covers CPR and choking, common medical emergencies and PracMed NZs Stop the Bleed® course. This course awards unit standards 6402 and 6401.


Level 1 First Aid +Plus+ Stop the Bleed®

Basic First Aid

5 people in New Zealand suffer sudden cardiac arrest every day.  Serious bleeds occur on the roads, in the workplace, at home or at leisure.  In short, these two emergencies can happen anywhere, at any time to any person. 

In this course, you'll gain the skills and confidence to know when and how to act if faced with these emergencies.  The course is highly practical, taught by knowledgeable, passionate and engaging Trainers with real world experience. Our courses are 'no fluff, no jargon' taught by experienced trainers,  but they are practical, fun and teach you the skills to save a life.

We ensure that all students leave with the refined skills and confidence to act and to decide whether or not to engage in CPR and how to treat life-threatening bleeding. 

This course includes the PracMed NZ Stop the Bleed® course.  We believe that no Kiwi should die from an extremity bleed - the more New Zealanders who learn these clinically proven skills, the better. You'll be shown skills above basic direct pressure methods including the use of tourniquets and best in market bandages, with skills practiced on our state of the art training aids, which give you hands on experience with our trauma trainers.    Each student receives brand new (in packet) bandages and gauze so you’ll understand every single step - from taking a deep, settling breath and gloving up, to opening the packets to engage in treatment. Best thing is, you get to take this home to practice!

Why is this course longer than other providers?

We pride ourselves in quality over quantity and from our own experience of dealing with First Aid emergencies, we know that you do not rise to the occasion, but fall to the level of your training.  So why attend a course to just ‘tick-a-box’?  If you’re going to attend, you might as well be engaged, learn new skills and get hands-on practice.   The addition of the Stop the Bleed® course goes above and beyond NZQA requirements.  We ensure you leave with a renewed appreciation for the realities of first aid - that you could be called upon to use these skills, because accidents can happen anywhere, at any time, to any person. When lives are at stake, we believe that ensuring you are truly equipped with the skills you need and the system and process of what to do and when is a non-negotiable.  We only stock the best products on the market. When it comes to training, you are our product - we want to make you the best responder you can be so you never have to wonder “what if...?”.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


There are many practical components to this course.  If you have injuries or medical conditions that may affect your ability to participate, please contact us to discuss your options.

We do not issue refunds for our courses, please ensure you read our full Terms and Conditions.

Student Numbers

Min: 10

Max: 15

Course outcomes

Unit Standard 6402

Provide Basic Life Support

Unit Standard 6401

Provide First Aid

PracMed NZ Stop the Bleed®

NZ's Original Haemorrhage Control Course

Site Requirements

To run this as a on-site private course, we require a training space with adequate room for practical activities.  At any stage, half of the group will be working on partners lying on the ground - we need ample space for them to work safely. As it is quite practical, the room needs to be well ventilated. 

We'll need two tables, enough chairs for the participants and space for the projector to display. We're happy to use your AV set up if you have one.

Certification Text

NZQA Unit Standards

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